Circa 1905, the future of automotive oils was being brewed up by the imagination of our founder, Papou Da’ Clutch. His passion for powertrain performance was unlike the world had ever seen. He felt that automobiles should be treated as loyal friends, they are part of our daily lives and deserve to enjoy a drink once in awhile. Nothing is more crucial to the operation of your vehicle than having the proper oils and fluids. The Burn Rubber Brewing Co. was founded with the intent purpose of producing the finest and most refreshing beverages for our faithful companions, the automobile.


The first of many drinks crafted was the Synthetic Cider for automatic transmissions. The drink was such a hit, enthusiasts began meeting on a regular basis to discuss and admire the performance of the brew and so the Cider Society was formed. Papou’s wife Filio coined the society’s motto, “Let the good times flow”.

Your transmission will thank you for choosing Burn RubberA special brew of synthetic base oils coupled with a multi-functional additive system and advanced friction modifiers (what we like to call “science friction”) to provide unsurpassed protection and reliable performance for all types of automatic transmissions manufactured by virtually all of the transmission suppliers around the world. The one fluid that replaces the confusion about which fluid to use in a multitude of automatic transmissions, new and old.

Brewing Co.’s Synthetic Cider ATF. Nothing extends the life of a transmission more than being cool. So be cool and share a bottle with your buddy today, and always remember to “Shift Responsibly!”.